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Are you wealthy enough to neglect your health?

We are living in stressed times and paying with our health. Given the exhorbitant cost of healthcare, preventive healthcare is the smartest investment to make and we have just the perfect solution for you - Enviro Health.

Enviro Health is a simple, Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Pre-emptive Health Programme that helps people forestall lifestyle diseases. The programme has three components:


The individual is given an overview of the factors that affect health along with simple tips and techniques to keep diseases and degeneration at bay.


A non-invasive technology, involving no pricks or probes, is used to scan the internal health of the person. This is carried out by a qualified medical practitioner; real time data shows up on the computer screen and helps people see the condition of most of their vital organs and systems.


The doctor explains the evaluation report and suggests simple measures and techniques to better the overall health parameters and prevent the onset of lifestyle diseases.


This is what some people had to say:

Enviro Health evaluates your health along 71 parameters.

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  • ASSOCHAM believes that timely health checkups and scanning is necessary for maintenance of good health. The problem lies in the expensive, intrusive, and time consuming procedures of diagnosis. ASSOCHAM congratulates Syenergy Environics for introducing a non-intrusive health scan, which motivates people to undergo these scans. The short time duration required for the entire body scan is also commendable and is again a motivating factor for people to undergo checkups. ASSOCHAM is happy to inform you that most of the volunteers who had undergone the tests have reported them to be very friendly and useful. We congratulate you for this and wish more tie-ups like these should be initiated in different parts of the country.

    D.S. Rawat, Secretary General, ASSOCHAM
  • The instructor took lot of pain to explain and tell me the points and findings. Gave detailed explanations and corrective measures to improve alarming points in the body.

    Mr Amalendu Kumar GM, HSE, Indian Oil Corporation – Haldia
  • It was good to know various parameters of our body and health.

    MD & CEO, Essar Oil Ltd.
  • It was very interesting , some of the small but very important parameters are elaborated which will help in improving Health. The method of exercises and dietary habits as explained will help in enhancing day to day life.

    Dr. Chandrashekhar, Chief Architect, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
  • "The interaction was interesting. It has increased my awareness about health. Presentation was very good as there was personal touch in it.”

    Rajesh Madhani, CMD, Mighty Group
  • “Received many simple but important tips relating to functioning of mind and body”

    S K Roongta, Chairman, BALCO
  • "The diagnosis was very accurate” 

    Nishi Vasudeva, Ex-Chairman, HPCL