Radiation - the new health challenge

If you thought lifestyle diseases and polluted air were the stiff health challenges of our times, welcome to the age of electrosmog. Think of it as a dense cloud of criss-crossing electromagnetic radiations leaping out every electronic and wireless device in your vicinity as also the earth's surface (geopathic stress). We are all living in this cloud of radiations, quite oblivious to the fact that our body is slowly but surely being damaged.

We can seldom cherry pick spaces to operate out of or, technology to operate with. It is far better to tackle these radiations and that's where we come in. Our range of products and services changes the nature of harmful radiations emanating from the earth as well as artificial sources and makes them harmless to the human body.

We are in the business of creating healthy spaces for people by nullifying the negative impact of geopathic and man-made radiations.

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Healthy Buildings?

20% of any built space is affected by negative radiations from earth. The indoors is further compromised by electromagnetic radiations for electrical and transmission devices in the vicinity. What does this mean for you?

Safer Gadgets?

WHO has classified Mobile Radiations as possibly carcinogenic (Level 2B). This is the same category that cigarettes were slotted in 20 years ago. So what does this age of of wireless technology have in store for your health?

Healthier you?

Degradation of the environment and the stress of urban living are impacting health in ways not seen before. Lifestyle diseases are now the norm and far more difficult to deal with than those caused by microbes.